You keep hold of your assets
We take care of the performance
Vedra presents a DCA-based trading algorithm that helps you safely and consistently grow your crypto portfolio.

Why Choose Us?

We want you to feel free and safe when joining us at Vedra Investments.
Non Custodial
Your funds stay in your wallet & are only movable by you
No Lock-Up
You can opt-out within 48 hours
360º Service
We’re full service so no trading knowledge is required
Daily Gains
Handsfee constant, compounding cashflow

Our Products

You can keep your assets in the cryptocurrency that you prefer
Bot 1
( BTC / USD )
You hold BTC
And profit in BTC
Min = $10k in BTC
Bot 2
( ETH / USD )
You hold ETH
And profit in ETH
Min = $10k in ETH
Bot 3
( USD / BTC )
You hold USDC
And profit in USDC
Min = $10k in $
Our system generates micro profits 24/7 and is non-custodial, meaning you are always in control of your funds and profits as they always stay in your exchange, under your control.
It is in our highest priority to give you the peace of mind you need to concentrate on the more important tasks of your life while still earning income completely passive.

View our full backtests here.

Our Model

We never charges anything up front. We are only paid for our performance, not our time.
Monthly Fee
We charge $33 / month per active bot. Paid from profits.
Annual Subscription
Annual subscription fee ($333). Paid from the first profits.
Performance Fee
We take 33% from your monthly gains.

Where To Start?

We’ve created a secure wizard to help guide you
Step 1
Create an account in one of our tier 1 partner exchanges and you deposit your crypto collateral
Step 2
You provide us with your contact details, API key and our team will get you set up
Step 3
Sit back, relax and let our algorithm do it’s job. Our team will monitor the product round the clock
Start Trading